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this picture please (: little-mix(.)org/gallery/albums/userpics/10001/normal_49~21(.)jpg (and this one if you got time too?? little-mix(.)org/gallery/albums/userpics/10001/normal_3~275(.)jpg ) for samsung galaxy s3 ((: thanks!
jadesie said:
I don't honestly know which image I want! but anything of Jade or the girls for an iPhone 4/4s, please :) If you need me to find you a picture or something, I can! <3

I hope this is good!

get your wallpapers!

tagged as: #wallpapers #jadesie
jesyurl said:
For the wallpaper thing, can you make a wallpaper for an iPhone 5s using this photo? (atrl*net/forums/showthread*php?t=364123) please and thank you

Which one would you like?

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Anonymous said:
Can we also submit you a picture for the wall paper? Xx

Yes of course just as long I know what picture you want :)

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i thought a ding-dong was a dick

that also

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April 15th - Jade at X Factor auditions in South Shields.