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We were like new kids at first, we didn’t know each other. It wasn’t until we went to my house that we just clicked. It was instant. We went shopping, and we stayed up every night watching movies, eating food, rehearsing, singing. It was like being at camp with your best friends. We had such a laugh. -Perrie Edwards

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XIX-VIII-XI Beanie // Reblog if you want it!

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is anyone trying to get general tickets for toronto?

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hmm the last mixer awards was in december, I wonder when I should have the 3rd edition?

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Make me choose- anonymous asked you: Little Mix or 5th Harmony 

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inspired by x

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I feel like I should make a new promo group

LOVING this shot of the girls from the album shoot! Which album track is on your playlist today? Mixers HQ x (x)

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